RECEIPE for Ocean Water


1. Filter the water on site.
2. When you get the water to your work place, boil the water for 15 minutes to sterilize it. Boiling also speeds the reaction by increasing the movement of the atoms in the water.
3. Immediately after boiling, add lye water drops as in the WET method.
4. Wash the precipitate four times.
5. If you want to store the precipitate for a long time, boil again and place in nested containers.  


M-State elements from ocean water.  


NOTE 1 litre of ocean water yields approximately 150 ml of  Ormus.


NOTE  Sodium Hydroxide  (aka lye, caustic soda) burns like acid, be very careful when handling.


NOTE When making large quantities of Ormus it is far easier to make up the first batch on the beach, then take the concentrated precipitate home for further washing. This saves carrying heavy buckets of sea water in the car.


NOTE “precipitate” means the white cloud that forms (Ormus) which forms when you put Sodium Hydroxide into the sea water.




  1. Sodium Hydroxide, also known as lye or caustic soda diluted at a ratio of 1 cup caustic  soda (250ml) to 750ml water to make up one litre. Liquid Sodium Hydroxide can be bought from outlets for domestic cleaning chemicals. 


  1. Bottles to put dilute sodium hydroxide in (plastic is fine) 


  1. an electronic Ph meter plus buffer (calibration solution) available from Jayco or swimming pool suppliers, possibly Bunnings. 


  1. 3 meter long plastic hose or tube depending on the quantity of the batch 


  1. A large, tank, bucket or a drum depending on the quantity of the batch 


  1. a stirring stick 


  1. supply of fresh water to wash the precipitate (Ormus) with 


  1. a measuring jug in ml’s 


  1. Fine cloth and straining sieve (to sieve out sand etc in the last batch), 


  1. Bottles for the actual Ormus. 250ml holds 25 days supply for one person, so that’s a good size. Plastic or glass is fine. 



Don’t worry too much about making it – you’ll soon get the hang of it. 





Allow a few hours on the beach to create your Ormus. 



1. Collect the purest ocean waterpossible from a beach that is not polluted.Pour in to a bin or a tank, the size of which depends on how much Ormus you would like to make. Our Aboriginal friends are gathering water for men’s Ormus from a men’s sacred place, for women from a women’s sacred place and using two differently coloured bottles for the end product to be distributed. Also the quantity of Ormus increases if the water is churned or active – it has more minerals in suspension.


2. Add the diluted sodium hydroxide  to the ocean water in the tank/bucket while stirring vigorously.  Add the hydroxide slowly until the Ph meter reads a Ph of between  9.8  -  9.9 then stop. The Ph reading will seem to stop or jam at this point anyway since this Ph is when the magnesium will start to precipitate into the water, seen as a milky white cloud which will drop to the bottom of the container. Most bodies are magnesium deficient so it doesn’t matter if there is a bit too much magnesium – the worst that can happen is a good clean out.


2. After it has ‘stopped’, add a 1/3  more dilute sodium hydroxide to the water as to what was required to get the water to a Ph of  9.8 – 9.9,  this is to ensure that the Ph is above the threshold to make the precipitate, a milky layer to fall to the bottom.


3. After around 1-4 hours the white cloudy precipitate will have fallen and mostly settled at the bottom of the container.


3. Using the plastic tubing, suck and siphon the clear water off the top. Usually there will be about 5 times as much clear water to 1 part Ormus on the bottom. At this stage, you can head home.


4. When you are back home, top up the drum with fresh water – use a pressure hose to swish it around vigorously. This is to wash the salt and other things out of the Ormus. Then let it settle overnight. Repeat this twice more until the Ormus concentrate tastes only mildly salty. A little salt helps to preserve the Ormus.


5. Bottling: Filter the concentrated Ormus water through a fine cloth and sieve before you bottle, this ensures that there will not be any particles form the ocean in the concentrated Ormus.



The recommended dosage of this grade Ormus is between one teaspoon and one tablespoon  twice a day. The dosage may be increased if desired, or in the case of serious injury or illness.



Using Ormus 

Bless it before you take it.

Keep it out of sunlight – it reacts to ultra violet light. Keep in a cool dark place.

Keep it away from electro-magnetic fields – ie micro-waves, mobile phones.

Ormus imprints everything around it – don’t process it while watching violent videos on TV and don’t have family arguments in its presence.

Always keep a positive mind frame when you take it – it is a SUPERCONDUCTOR, a magnifier of your thoughts when you take it. Strive to be calm, balanced and optimistic, then these are the thoughts that will be magnified.


It has intelligence – it will tackle those parts of the body that are at highest risk, ie injuries, cancer cells etc. then moves downward through the dna to restore the current body dna blue print to the perfect etheric blueprint held at birth.


If you send it by mail, wrap it in tin foil so it won’t suffer from irradiation or xray in the post office.


Have a look at Barry Carter’s ( USA) site – www.subtleenergies.com/ormus. In particular, check out the watertrap diary section (a detailed account of one couple’s healing from all sorts of diseases and disabilities), also “Tut’s Tale”, a story of a cat whose tail was severed, and who grew a new one. There is no reason why Ormus can’t achieve this with human beings, IF YOU BELIEVE IN IT.

It has great potential for agricultural use – check out Barry’s photos of giant fruits and nuts, growing plants in freezing conditions etc.

There are no limits!

Please read the attached Testimonials – here in Australia we are getting absolute cures for Type 2 diabetes, seizures, skin cancers, anxiety disorders, addictions and ADD/ADHD in kids. No more Ritalin! Just take a bucket down to the ocean. 


Cleopatra bathed in it (not asses milk). Moses fed it to the Israelites in the desert, where in its dried form it is known as “Manna”. It raises human consciousness.


It is probably the greatest gift bestowed on humanity at this time – it allows us all to take back responsibility for our own health and mental wellbeing, and it’s free. We are establishing networks to give it away to those who need it at street level. It is a way for communities to unite – the brothers and sisters on the ocean shores can support their cousins in the interior of the country. It will need to be an ‘underground’ movement – the FDA probably won’t like it. It’s a perfect small business for women at home with kids – you can charge a small fee for your bottles. 



With love to you all

Fiona, Shane and Mark - OneEarth Foundation,

Harwood Island, New South Wales, Australia

March 09.


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