Ormus affects and Physical Sensations

Depending on how sensitive you are, you may feel various physical sensations in your body: they may feel electrical in nature and this is probably an accurate perception when you consider the electrical nature of our bodies.   

Most often reported sensations: 

It feels like I'm hearing a snug hat and feel it around the top edge of my head. 

It feels like I have a bowl full of electricity on top of my head or feels like my hair is standing on end. 

I feel electrical activity in my brain. 

I feel pressure in my temples. (sometimes reported as a slight headache) 

I feel like I have a bowl full of electricity coming out of my forehead. 

I have a lump in my throat. (sometimes a byproduct of awe) 

My chest feels warm. 

My solar plexus feels warm. 

My hands/feet feel warm (or "buzzy"). 

My bellybutton area feels warm. 

My perineum (crotch) feels warm. 

I can feel it moving through my body. 

I feel energy flowing through my veins/nerves/acupuncture meridians. 

I feel warm/electric/pain at the site of an old injury. 

I feel like I'm glowing1

It seemed like the room got brighter. 

Colors are brighter or more rich. 

While these sensations may be strange to you, don't worry, it's all good! You're responding just as you should. 

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