In the field of quantum mechanics, scientists have recently confirmed that matter can indeed be in two places at once. It is now established that, through quantum entanglement, particles millions of light-years apart can be connected without physical contact.

Now there's some scientists, there's quite a few scientists right now that believe that something called quantum coherence exists in biological systems; people and plants and animals. And quantum coherence means that there's an instantaneous communication system going on.

One Ormus researcher in Australia used to be a rocket scientist. He was the guy that designed the feedback system on the rocket so that the rockets could hit a wind gust at the top and it wouldn't knock them over.  

They had to instantly respond by moving the rocket this way or that to respond to those changes in atmospheric condition and his job was to calculate how fast the response had to be. Well, he calculated how fast our response would have to be in order to play table tennis.  

Table tennis is a pretty fast activity and he figured out that nerve impulses couldn't possibly, weren't even close to being fast enough to play ping pong, let alone be the thought processes that are necessary for ordinary life. So, you figure there has to be some much, much, much, much faster communication system in bodies than nerve impulse and other scientists have basically said the same thing. Some of them have said it looks like the DNA isn't even the pattern for the body.

All it is an antenna that connects us to the pattern. Dr. Peter Gariaev from Russia has demonstrated experimentally this may be the case. The DNA just connects to the non-physical spirit template of the body. So, if this Ormus is involved with this communication - cellular communication - even inside of every water molecule and is part of this communication system that allows instantaneous communication between all of the cells, then that would account for all of the amazing results that we've seen with plants and animals and people in terms of improvement in their growth and their health and all of the other things. It's improving our connection with everything else. 


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