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The Components of Ocean Ormus Mineral Products

David Hudson "rediscovered" these elements and called them ORMES. We refer to these as Nano Minerals or ORMUS elements. These elements exist naturally throughout nature. They are: rhodium, iridium, gold, silver, copper, cobalt, nickel, platinum, palladium, ruthenium and osmium.

The primary elements in Ocean Ormus Mineral Products are: rhodium, iridium, gold, and copper. These are monatomic, not colloidal. Colloidals are still in metallic cluster form. Monatomic is the nonmetallic form of the metal.

Using exacting and painstaking techniques, Ocean Ormus Mineral Products extracts these monatoms from their natural "home", and concentrates them, using only the very finest of natural ingredients.


ORMUS Minerals and HERBS


One of the most incredible foods on Earth has just been transformed into one of the most Ormus-rich superfoods ever! The traditional healers of Polynesia relied upon Noni (Morinda citrifolia) for its benefits to immunity above all other healing herbs. Modern research has confirmed ancient wisdom: Noni has one of the highest levels of polysaccharides of any food known to modern science. Polysaccharides are long chain sugars which naturally occur in a wide variety of different shapes. Each shape matches up with a specific type of immune cell, producing a specific immune response for each type of immune cell. The polysaccharides in Noni work directly on white blood cells, increasing their ability to rid the body of foreign bacteria and destroy pathogens. Increases in the efficiency of our white blood cells may lead to significant improvements in well-being and increases in energy levels.

Faced with one of the most revitalizing foods on Earth, could the best food ever be right around the corner? What if there was a way to improve the quality of the polysaccharides in Noni, while also boosting its levels far beyond anything known to the ancient Polynesian Kahunas? For a brief moment, transport yourself to NoniLand, an isolated jungle paradise on the north shore of one of the Hawaiian Islands. Mineral-rich soils of volcanic origin, pure water, loving intention surrounding every Noni tree within sight…. this is no dream! NoniLand is the site of David Wolfe’s Hawaiian Agricultural Research Center, and it is here that the secrets of Noni’s power have finally been uncovered.

The deep-seated, healing life-force of Noni — its mana — is the final product of mineral-rich soil and the pure Hawaiian rainwater. The Noni used to produce Wild crafted Noni Powder has been brought to a stage far beyond these benchmarks of potency and strength. The resilient Noni trees of NoniLand have been nourished with rock dust minerals, dilute ocean water, dead sea salts, Spirulina (instead of manure), Ormus elements, blue volcanic rock silt, mycelium in the soil, compost nutrients, and lots and lots of LOVE. Noni has been patiently waiting for this moment for the last three thousand years, and now is the time of action, now is the moment of power.

With this source of super-nutrition, the Noni trees became robust and vigorous, eagerly sending forth a profusion of Noni fruit and flowers for visiting bees. This boost of trace minerals into the life cycle of Noni created a surge in the production of polysaccharides, and a ramping up of all of Noni’s healing constituents. In wild foods, Ormus elements are usually found within polysaccharides, which fold over on themselves and cocoon the Ormus elements inside. It is now believed that the immune-enhancing benefits offered by all polysaccharides may be traced to the presence of Ormus elements, intelligently directing the polysaccharides to the correct immune cells from within. In no food is this simple truth more profound than in the Noni used to produce Wild crafted Noni Powder. The life-force of this Noni — its mana — has been improved due to higher levels of Ormus in the water and soil, and the efficiency and strength of its polysaccharides have been dramatically increased.

The Noni fruits used to create Wild crafted Noni Powder have been harvested at the peak of ripeness, pureed into a thick, sweet paste, and then dried at low temperatures. It takes almost 30 pounds of fresh, ripe Noni fruit to produce 4 oz of Wild crafted Noni Powder! The result is a complete, whole food Noni Powder, which all the nutritional abundance of the Noni fruit and the Noni seeds. Every step of processing is done entirely within NoniLand, and there is no risk of degradation because the Noni are dehydrated immediately after harvesting. The ripe, Ormus-laden Noni puree is dried until its color has changed from the light emerald of the ripe Noni fruit to a rich, vibrant caramel. The drying process brings out Noni’s natural sweetness, while boosting the concentration of polysaccharides even further. An added bonus of this drying process is that the seeds of the Noni are removed after it is dried: the dehydrating process actually induces the seeds to burst and release the precious Noni Seed Oil into the puree. Conditions have never been better to produce a Wild crafted Noni Powder of such a high potency: the Best Noni Powder Ever! 

Ormus and Mushrooms
The Medicinal Mushrooms are the most alkaline of herbs. The Medicinal Mushrooms help restore a normal glucose metabolism as well as an active and healthy immune system. The polysaccharides in Medicinal Mushrooms also contain Ormus minerals that help bring "life-force energy" and "vitality" back into our bodies.

There are some delightful folks doing work with herbal combinations rich in m-state that offer these for sale.  Again, although we don't offer this approach we know folks who do and will be glad to recommend; another very valid approach. Good people doing good work.  


There are herbs that can help you develop your psychic abilities, and they're legal and healthy for you, very healthy for you. In India, China and surrounding regions these herbs have been used for centuries. Some of the best ones: Gotu Kola, Bacopa, Calamus and Holy Basil.


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