Ormus and Tips

Always make sure your mix is at or near room temperature when working with it or that you have a pH meter that has an accurate reading in hot water.   

It doesn’t have to be so toxic if you get a hold of Sea Salt (preferably from dead sea, unprocessed). It apparently has no toxic drop over 10.8 pH with dead sea salt, only pure precipitate but in case, don't bring pH above 10.8. For one cup of sea salt/distilled water mixture, add one teaspoon of lye (pharmacy grade) while always testing pH levels (do not use aluminum or plastic utensils, only stainless steel and glass).  

You do not want to go above 10.80 pH. At 10.5-10.8 precipitate will unfold out of the sea salt/water mixture. Let sit overnight (away from any source of electricity). Drain off water (with a syringe) and rinse again with fresh distilled water. Let sit for 4 hours. Drain off water and repeat two more times. This will ensure pure precipitate. Some have commented on putting precipitate in a glass container in a gas stove for a couple hours at 300 to evaporate the water, leaving the white precipitate.

* Slowly bring the pH of ocean water, Dead Sea water or raw sea salt (dissolved in water) up to 10.78 and no higher using a tablespoon of lye (sodium hydroxide) dissolved in ½ cup water.

When making your own, do not let the high PH LYE solution touch any glass. It will take the silica out of it.

Use a plastic measuring cup. A plastic dropper and a plastic stir wand. 

If making from the salt waters, you mustn't use polluted water.
When precipitating you must stir vigorously to avoid areas of high pH concentration.
You must also add your lye solution slowly and patiently, for the same reason.
You must wash your precipitate well so it has no taste of salt. 

Also, I wouldn't advise taking m-state gold first.
You should prepare your body, physical and energy body, by first taking m-11, ocean water m-state.
After a month you can go to m-3, Great Salt lake which is iridium, rhodium and gold.
This will heal any chronic diseases and injured cells. This has a fair portion of gold in it. 

The simplest way is to take your filter dead sea water, bring pH up to 10.78, then drop it with HCl or vinegar
to 9 and that will place the magnesium back into solution and leave you with gold m-state.
8.5 is really the product with least magnesium, but in that last .5 pH you will also lose a quantity of gold
with the magnesium, so it's best to stop at 9. Wash 3 times to eliminate salt and you're ready to go.
Dried is more powerful than wet.  

For more information about ORMUS, see www.subtleenergies.com/ormus

You can add some Celtic, or DS Salt to the seawater if you like.   

It increases the precipitate yield
I made another awesome batch of dead sea/Himalayan pink ORMUS (75/25 ratio 

*PLASE READ* If You Are Using Dead Sea Salt to make Your Ormus, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BOIL THE PRECIPITATE, as a Matter of Fact, WE Strongly Advise You NOT to, there are Some Volatile Compounds there. The ONLY Reason You Should Boil is if You are Using Salt WATER, to Get out the Biological Contaminants.

I've read that it falls faster in the dark.
M-state should be protected from the light as often as possible anyways,
but make sure you have it undercover and it may precipitate faster.

I've noticed different rates of falling when I make it from different things.
I think it's good to fall very slowly - that means you have finer division of particles.
For example, potassium carbonate will produce a finer, thus slower falling, precipitate than sodium hydroxide, probably because it is not as alkali so you're not getting as concentrated areas when you add it. 

The precipitate probably hasn't settled out of suspension yet. It'll take some time to fully settle out. Wait a good 24hr or so, and then see what happens. 

I've been adding dried M to herbal teas - melissa and saffron,
and it absorbs the color as the water is evaporated away.
The m-state is more powerful IMO.

I've noticed M boosts whatever it is with.

For example, for arthritis, drink a couple spoonfuls of
Knox gelatin in a glass of juice and take m-11.

For diabetes, take m-11 along with chromium, vanadium, zinc supplement.

I like to do blends with the various Precipitates. I'll take Dead Sea Precip that is completely washed of the salt and then add Precipitate from Pacific or Atlantic Ocean- Then add some Precip from a dry method performed on Azomite. It give a nice energy- Depending on how I look at the blending of the various precipitates. Sometimes I will make up a Salt water using Himalayan Salt- Not too much just a pinch in a liter of Distilled or Spring water. Then add Dead Sea Precip to that or Pacific Ocean Precip. 

If you feel like you are solid with your foundation and have spent time on the wet method then get creative with it but be safe- feel your way through it and see how you feel. 

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