Ormus Minerals and Pets

Q. Can I share Ormus concentrate products with my pets?

A. Yes. Animal testing that we have done with white mice has demonstrated that animals benefit greatly from Ormus supplementation. The daily dose for an animal should not exceed 8 drops for each 5 pounds of body weight.

  ORMUS Minerals Ocean Energy Recommended Dosage

 Pet Weighs

Recommended Maximum Daily Dosage



Closest Teaspoon amounts 

5 lbs


1/16 teaspoon Daily 

 10 lbs


1/8 teaspoon  Daily 

 15 lbs


1/5 teaspoons Daily   

  20 lbs


1/4 teaspoons Daily   

  25 lbs


1/3 teaspoons Daily    

  30 lbs


2/5 teaspoons Daily   

  35 lbs


1/2 teaspoons Daily   

40 lbs


1/2 teaspoons Daily   

  45 lbs


3/5 teaspoons Daily   

  50 lbs


2/3 teaspoons Daily   

  75 lbs


1 teaspoons Daily   

100 lbs


 1 and 1/3 teaspoons Daily    

Now you can split this dosage up to be given to your pet at 2 different times a day if you desire.

I suggest an experiment and have 2 bowls of water out and add ormus to one and normal water in the second one and watch and see which one is empty the fastest. This will show you if you pet likes ORMUS or not.

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Ormus Minerals and Animals 

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