Ormus and PH


Take PH up to max 10.78 to get all the m-state ormus out of your source. As you are adding the Lye and raising the PH as it levels off and the PH is not rising very fast what is happening is the lye reaction is pullout out the ormus from the water instead of raising the PH. Once the level starts rising again be very carefull as it can change much faster.

When you do dead sea, the precipitate gets really thick, like oatmeal consistency. So do it in a large enough container and leave some room 'cause you'll most likely end up adding more water as you go in order to keep the consistency thin enough.

The simplest way is to take your filter dead sea water, bring pH up to 10.78, then drop it with HCl or vinegar to 9 and that will place the magnesium back into solution and leave you with gold m-state.

8.5 is really the product with least magnesium, but in that last .5 pH you will also lose a quantity of gold with the magnesium, so it's best to stop at 9. Wash 3 times to eliminate salt and you're ready to go.
Dried is more powerful than wet.

Watch for the plateau around 9.10. Go slow and have patience. Keep going to 9.0


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