Ormus and Lab Materials 

Needed for the Wet Process

1.   Small container of NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide). You can obtain this from assorted sources, including chemical supply houses, or you can order some lye from the Internet.  Since I am putting this into my body I prefer Food Grade Lye. Pure lye (sodium hydroxide). I bought mine from a science supply company on the internet. The government has started making the Red Devil Lye Company put ingredients in their lye so it is no longer safe to use Red Devil Lye. Some people buy their lye from plumbing supply stores. http://www.essentialdepot.com/servlet/the-Sodium-dsh-Hydroxide-dsh-Lye-dsh-Food-dsh-Grade/Categories

 Please take care with the Lye water made from mixing Sodium Hydroxide and water; it is very caustic and can cause death if ingested, and sever burns to the skin if exposed to it. As such, it is advisable to wear gloves and eye protection and label containers with this in it.
 and Quart Mason Jar or other glass container to mix the lye water solution together.

2.      A hand-held ph meter. The one shown here costs about $40.00 and I bought it off the Internet. Be sure to get one that reads from the 7.0 to 12.0 ph range. For a good quality PH Meter that adjusts to the tempature reccomend this one. 
  Hanna Instruments HI8314 Portable pH/Mv/Temp Meter

3.      Two wooden clothespins, glued together as to hold the ph meter in the bowl. This frees up both of your hands for the mixing operation. 

4.      Salt or ocen water to use a your raw material.

5.      A non-metallic stirrer. A regular kitchen plastic spoon works. A stirrer, one long enough to reach the bottom of your glass container. It should be made of glass, but you can use plastic. Metal is a big no no, and so is wood [unless you like contaminates].

6.      A glass measuring cup, at least four-cup capacity. 

7.      Eye dropper, preferably a glass one with a rubber bulb on the end.  or a Turkey baster or 50cc syringe to help seperate the water and ormus that is settled.

8.      Two gallons of pure distilled water. I buy mine at the grocery store and pay about $1.00 per gallon. It is important to use pure distilled water because not only is it clean, it has no minerals in it that might interfere with the chemical reactions. 

9.      A small bottle of white distilled vinegar. This will be used in an emergency, should you accidently raise the ph of your mixture past 10.78. You will immediately add a small amount of the vinegar (an acid) to reduce the ph back down below 10.78. 

10. About 4 ft. of clear 3/8 inch plastic tubing. 

11. 2 Stainless steel or pyrex bowls, to hold at least ½ gallon volume each or gallon jars. Glass jar (spigot at bottom is useful)

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