Ormus Minerals Recipes

Recipes to do the Wet Process and a few more to help you out.

  • Ormus and Recipes with Oil
    # A very strong and simple method is just to put Raw Sea Salt in a bottle, say two spoons in a half liter empty mineral bottle, then to fill it with a good cooking oil; then after 2 days waiting, you can just put ONE DROP on your tongue and feel the effects ... I was very surprised to find it SO STRONG ! I let you try.
  • Ormus and Washing Recipes
    The salt left in it seems to really add stability but there is not so much of it that it tastes unpleasant. Many ICP assays have shown that there are no toxins present in the finished products
  • Ormus C-11 Recipe
    Your C-11 is reported to contain 11 different Hydrides of metals that can develop into orme in your body over time and lots of trace minerals that most people are lacking in there diets
  • Don Nance Recipe
    This simple method can be done in your kitchen. It is called the wet method because it is made from sea water (or Great Lakes water), or a mixture of water and fresh sea salt.
  • Thomas John Hudson'S White Powder Recipe
    Thomas John Hudson's White Powder Recipe 4 L of well water or spring water [John said to use well or spring water because the minerals in the source material can attach to the minerals in the water. The HCL also does this; it holds the impurities.
  • Anne Beversdorf Recipe
    This recipe s offered by Anne Beversdorf. Please feel free to copy and distribute. There is absolutely NO recommendation about usage here. This is an experimental product available for research purposes.
  • HealingMindN Recipe
    Allow ORMUS to settle for a day before washing with distilled water; pH remains stable at 10.5 with successive washings; Allow ORMUS to settle overnight; Drain off substrate / dry the ORMUS according to your needs.
  • Recipe Links
    Links to other Ormus Recipes on the Internet
  • Ormus Grape Recipe
    I now use a combination of grape seed oil and olive oil. I have tried making this without grape juice and prefer it with grape juice, but I haven't figured out if its just because it makes it sweet, or if it really makes a difference in effect.
  • Recipe for Ocean Water
  • Recipe Tips
    PLASE READ* If You Are Using Dead Sea Salt to make Your Ormus, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BOIL THE PRECIPITATE, as a Matter of Fact, WE Strongly Advise You NOT to, there are Some Volatile Compounds there. The ONLY Reason You Should Boil is if You are Using Salt WATER, to Get out the Biological Contaminants.
  • Ormus Drying Choices
    DRYING ORMUS This is me annealing a small portion of my white powder, I made it using the wet method with Masada Dead Sea salt. I originally annealed it in the oven on self-clean cycle about seven times.
  • Ormus Boiling Choices
  • Ormus and Washing Tips
    4 ways with a recipe for washing and purifying your precipitate
  • Ormus and Washing Processes
    This precipitate is then washed with distilled water three times and allowed to settle over several days. Finally, the washed precipitate is again hydrated in distilled water in a 1:1 ratio, leaving the Manna slightly salty to the taste.


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